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About the collection

Where it all started.

We always wanted to create a brand that we could call our own. We've been working away with Just Kendall since November 2018 and its always been in our plans to become a brand. We thought we would turn Just Kendall into a brand but things change and new ideas are brainstormed and this is where "The Kendall Collection" was born. 

In November 21 Alina joined our team and became our designer who worked alongside Amy to bring her ideas to life. Since November we have been working so hard on this project and to think our first collection goes live in July 2022 is just a dream.

When starting this journey it was important we chose an ethical factory. We have had a virtual tour of our factory in China & India and we have also received all the levels of certificates we requested. We're happy both factories are paying their workers fairly and they are working in respectable conditions, this includes the space they have to work, working hours, minimum wage & age of workers.


Below we have an image of the early stages of our bulk production run. This is our factory in Guangzhou, China.


We have big plans for The Kendall Collection and they all start this Sunday. We hope you love our first collection just as much as we do.

Lots of love,

JK team x

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